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Movie trailer round-up: Snow White, David 8 and Jesus H. Christ

Movie trailer round-up: Snow White, David 8 and Jesus H. Christ
Hi! Luke here, filling in for Matt who is mysteriously "too busy" on the nicest weekend of the year so far, and Ali who somehow received an invite to liveblog the Jameson Empire Awards, and is well on the way to realising his dream of drunkenly throwing up on Dolph Lundgren's shoes. So, what about those movie trailers eh?
I've heard Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter referred to as "The Matrix for a new generation" or something like that, possibly by someone who doesn't quite understand The Matrix. It was about werewolves.

The latest trailer for Snow White And The Huntsman does a much better job of selling it than previous efforts. It starts with a naked Charlize Theron bathing in milk, before channeling Lord Of The Rings and Pan's Labyrinth. It's Willow for a new generation.

Amazingly, this new trailer for Madagascar 3: Europe's most Wanted is approximately 10 million times more annoying than the unskippable "OMG wow celebrity baby bumps!" advert that follows it. Also... did that bear just deepthroat a lemur?

In this trailer for Tim Burton's Dark Shadows, Johnny Depp calls Alice Cooper "the ugliest woman I've ever seen". Hating on this film just got a little bit harder.

Imagine if Scooby Doo had an ultra creepy episode where a time-travelling cult leader stole children. That's what Sound Of My Voice looks like. Also imagine if time was a cylinder with a beginning and an end, and when you die you're reincarnated at a random point along it.

Children, avert your eyes (or mute if your parents are in the other room). This NSFW trailer for Piranha 3DD is packed to the gills with tits and bikinis - although if you're googling for "tits and bikinis" on work time then you probably deserve the sack anyway.

A bumper load of trailers this week, so we've split them over two pages. Click through to see the rest why not.

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