New Battle: Los Angeles trailer looks Bloody: Brilliant


12th January 2011

We gather a few things explode.

I was already sold on Battle: Los Angeles as soon as I heard it featured aliens and some sort of battle in Los Angeles, but the first trailer was promising, and this new one's a doozy. If you clicked this link hoping to see things explode, Aaron Eckhart looking stoic and Michelle Rodriguez being easily confused, then you won't be disappointed. It's even got an Inception-esque (*BRRRAAAAHHMM*), although it's in lower case.

Pyew pyew! Welcome to Earth and other Will Smith quips, you alien shitheads! Don't let the ozone layer hit you on the arse on your way out! I'm predicting a record number of exploding helicopters in this one. In the non-Michael Bay category, anyway. We'll see come March 11th.

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