New Captain America trailer and poster prove America ROCKS!


24th June 2011

Got high expectations? Got a little US flag to wave? Got a pair of devil horns in each hand? Then you’re now ready to watch the new trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger. Rawwwk!.

After Thor thrilled and Green Lantern grated, all eyes are on Cap America to see if 2011 is remembered for being a good or bad year for comic-book adaptations, and thankfully this new trailer doesn’t disappoint. Even if it does come with an out-of-place rock riff throughout (*prepares a fight circle*).

We’ve got a lot more of bobble-head Chris Evans, who, in this post-Lantern time, looks more and more realistic, and we’ve also got a ton more action than in the last trailer. In fact, I don’t want to say it, but Captain America is starting to look like it might be the best pre-Avengers Avenger film overall. Shit, I just said that didn’t I? Right, I’m sticking to my guns no matter what now. This will be the most amazeballs film evah. Check it:

Cool, right? Ok, the Tool soundtrack doesn’t quite fit the on-screen tone, but that’s just Marvel studios saying “Lookee! We rock!” and who can blame them. Also, the shrill refrains of Vera Lynn would probably deter a younger audience.

That’s not all though – we also have this new retro-looking poster for the film, which seems to prove that Cap America’s super-soldier serum gives him a near owl-like ability to twist his neck without breaking it.

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