New Clash Of The Titans trailer: God Of War fights Cloverfield


13th December 2009

There's a new trailer for God-bothering action romp Clash Of The Titans, which is looking increasingly like a videogame button-masher crossed with a Gwar video. Dude, if I wasn't typing right now, I'd be throwing up BOTH HORNS! (*mosh*)

Louis Leterrier's Clash Of The Titans looks good in a 'what the hell else are we going to watch in March' kind of way, but that dismal first trailer really put the dampeners on what should be a promising action flick. Looks like too much flashy editing and 300 abs and not enough Harryhausen-ing.

This second trailer is a slight improvement, but only when Liam Neeson's Zeus announces "Release the Kraken!" and we see Cloverfield's ancestor rise from its slumber. Incidentally, "Release the Kraken!" is also the way I signal my intent to begin love-making.

Also, I couldn't let this pass. This is an actual user quote from SlashFilm's coverage of the trailer:

"Pegasus looks good - I thought it'd be hard to pull off a flying horse."
Not unless you hold on with both hands! (*slide whistle*)

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