New Cowboys & Aliens trailer shoots for the stars


17th November 2010

It seems like only yesterday when we were presented with a new poster of Daniel Craig's arse, but now we get to see it in motion. Fighting aliens. Alongside Indiana Jones.

The tone here looks impressively dark compared to Favreau's work on the Iron Man films In fact, it looks like it could be an authentic western if it wasn't for that technogizmo on Daniel Craig's wrist.

Perhaps most surprising though is that, in this 2min 31sec 'teaser', we actually get to see some alien spaceship action and y'know what? That's all it takes to win me over. Just alien spaceships, people getting sucked up into some unseen oblivion, some kind of phaser weapon - I'm so sold. Hell, I'm still interested in seeing Skyline. That's right - I never learn.

On a side note, how has no one cast Ford as a growly old cowboy until now? It just seems so perfect.

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