New Green Lantern trailer will melt your retinas


17th November 2010

DC have learned the same lesson as Marvel did with Ang Lee's Hulk and Kermit did in the Muppets: it's not easy being green. In fact, it's OH MY GOD! ARGH! MY EYES! MY EYES!

Here we have the first proper trailer for Green Lantern, one of DC's best loved superheroes (although there's a real big drop-off after Batman and Superman). Oh my, is it a lot to take in.

There's the extremeley CGI-ified suit, complete with crappy thats-not-real-either face-mask, Peter Sarsgaard's hilariously campy brain-bulging make-up that looks like something leftover from Dick Tracy, and the meeting of the Green Lantern Corps, which looks like someone has tried to recreate Avatar's Pandora using effects from 1980.

In fact it looks like Ryan Reynolds is the only thing that might be able to save this film as he clearly looks to Robert Downey Jr's turn in Iron Man and channels his best quick-witted, charismatic swagger. And Reynolds is a love-him-hate-him kinda guy, so it's a big gamble.

To be fair to the filmmakers though, particularly director Martin Campbell in whom I have a lot of faith, this looks exactly how a Green Lantern film should look. The problem isn't the visuals necessarily, it's the story: a man joins an alien race in protecting the universe with a magic ring that conjures up anything his imagination green.

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