Official Buried teaser trailer


1st May 2010

Oh noes, Ryan Reynolds has been buried alive! Wait... so that means Scarlett Johansson, is, like, available, right?

Every once in a while, a low-budget, high-concept indie horror like Buried comes along and just makes you slap your forehead in comedic exasperation: why has no one ever thought to make a movie in this setting before? Blair Witch did the one-location thing in the woods; Open Water did it with the ocean. Now Buried has done it, six feet under.

Subjected to a bidding war at Sundance ("Sold to the rich Hollywood executing doing coke off his paddle!"), Buried sees Ryan Reynolds play an Iraq contractor who wakes up in a coffin buried underground, with only a lighter and a mobile phone for company. Quite polite of his torturers, really, though they could at least have left him a magazine too.

This teaser trailer is a pretty effective intro to the concept, and the movie apparently spends most of its running time with Reynolds underground in the one location. Of course, when you consider the average mobile phone has sketchy reception during 10% cloud cover, it's a big ask to expect a dude's Nokia to work from beneath the surface of the Earth.

But hey, it's a Ryan Reynolds movie: if anyone was going to be buried underground, we're glad it was him.

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