Oh. My. God. Steven Seagal: Lawman


25th August 2009

Pleasure overload... Trailer... Steven Seagal... Cop... Jefferson Parish... Reality TV show... Justice... Running... Tazers... Handheld cameras... They should have sent a poet.

Fuck yeah. Steven Seagal: Lawman is coming. For the uninitiated, it's Seagal's own reality TV show, in which he basically tags along with the police force he pretends to be part of, gives gruff advice to criminals (Please God let him ask, "What is the essence of a man?") and gets out of breath running after perps. I think I just had a Seagasm.

I think Warming Glow say it best:

There are no words for this joy. I want to go up to strangers on the street and give them hugs. Because this reflects the simple genius of someone saying, "I like 'Cops,' but I'd like it better if Steven Seagal were one of the cops."

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