Ong Bak 3 trailer: more fury, more force, more vengeance


1st February 2010

They forgot to mention 'more elephants'.

Ong Bak's Tony Jaa has found a formula he likes, and he's stuck to it. The fact that that formula happens to involve elbowing people in the face and swinging on elephant tusks is neither here nor there. Who are we to question the ancient art of, uh... Elbophant Fu?

Here's the synopsis, like that even matters.

"The legend of Ong Bak 3 begins after Tien (Tony Jaa) has lost his fighting skills and his beloved step-father at the Garuda's Wing cliff from the raid led by Jom Rachan (Saranyu Wonggrajang). Tien is brought back to life with the help from Pim (Primrata Dechudom) as well as Mhen (Petchai Wongkamlao) and the Kana Khone villagers.

"Deep into the meditation taught by Phra Bua (Nirutti Sirijanya), Tien finally is able to achieve 'Nathayut'. His talents are put to the test again when his rivals including the Golden-Armored King's Guard (Supakorn 'Tok' Kijusuwan), the mysterious killers in black, and Bhuti Sangkha (Dan Chupong) return for the final massive showdown."
Whatever. It might as well read: "He knees this guy, then elbows this dude, then, like, jumps on this one guy. Then he does this kick thing, like... I can't even explain it. Here, I'll show you on YouTube. Wait. Wait. This bit. Coming up right now. Wait. Nnnnow. See? I fuckin' told you it was awesome."

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