Piranha 3D teaser trailer needs more Kelly Brook


26th April 2010

From the franchise that once kinda sorta employed the director of Avatar... using an inferior version of the same 3D technology, and the tagline from Jaws 2... are you ready for Piranha 3D?

Here's the trailer for Piranha 3D, the 3D movie that, hilariously, almost wasn't even in 3D due to budget problems. Thankfully, pater's loan must have come through, because it's on course for a three-dimensional release, and the teaser trailer is below.

For such a shamelessly shlocky horror movie, that's almost an impressive cast. You've got Ving Rhames, Elisabeth Shue, Christopher Lloyd, Richard Dreyfuss... it's like the producers drew up a list of all the actors who don't give a shit any more and cast them all.

There's one huge person whose absence is keenly felt, of course. I'm talking about the luscious Kelly Brook, who - if this picture is anything to go by - spends the movie in a bikini, frolicking on the deck of a yacht. This sort of thing is Movie Trailer 101! What are they teaching you kids these days?

Seriously guys. Shame on you.

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