Super secret trailer for JJ Abrams' hush-hush secret project


11th May 2010

Ssshh! You don't know me - I was never here.

As mentioned last week, international man of mystery JJ Abrams is back with a new film and, typically, we know nothing about it. Well, apart from its title: Super 8. At least that's more than we got for Cloverfield.

With news that the trailer was attached to reels of Iron Man 2 when it was released in the US last weekend, rumours started exploding all over the internet like a clusterfuck of hearsay and speculation.

Alas, Cloverfield 2, this ain't. Instead, details have emerged that this is an homage to early Spielberg films like Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The film is set in 1979 and is about a group of kids that accidentally film a glimpse of something sinister while playing with their Super 8 camera.

And that's everything we know. Oh, and the film is due for release in summer 2011. That's all. Many Lost and Alias fans died bringing us this information.

And now, finally, you can see the Super 8 trailer for yourself, below, and all is revealed. Well, not really. Not even slightly, in fact. To be honest, it could be anything. Although, it's probably aliens...or midgets.

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