Thor! Thor! THOR!


18th February 2011

In which Kenneth Branagh, cunning linguist and Shakespeare mouthpiece, resorts to showcasing topless hunks and telling Facebook jokes. This thucks.

I really want to believe that Thor will be fun, if only because I admire Marvel's audacity in staging their grand plan for The Avengers, but the more I see, the more I worry it's all going to be total arse. For now, let's file this under (*bites fist*) along with Captain America.

This new trailer plays up the human element a little more; Natalie Portman clearly brings all of her Black Swan experience to play, er, a woman, while Kat Dennings has slipped into the 'sassy best friend' category, from which there is no escape. And there's a robot too, obviously. Gotta have robots.

Also, it's worth noting that Thor behaves much more like a Viking than he has in previous trailer, displaying animalistic behaviour like smashing a cup. Cuh! Those ruddy Vikings sure knew how to disrupt an afternoon social!

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