Tracy Jordan's Black Cop, White Cop trailer


24th December 2009

Or maybe it's Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis in Kevin Smith's Cop Out, previous titled A Couple Of Dicks. Whatever. (*skim-reads press release, sucks nacho dust off fingers*).

Life imitating art is always funny, but not always in the way it's intended to be. Take this trailer for Kevin Smith's Cop Out. Any 30 Rock fans - and really that should be all of you - might well confuse it with one of Tracy Morgan's meta-fictional character Tracy Jordan's 'joke' movies, Black Cop, White Cop. Coming in summer 2010: Honky Grandma Be Trippin'.

So what we have here is basically Generic Buddy Cop Comedy #438. Even the title is bland. It was picked as an alternative to the original title, A Couple Of Dicks (fnar), but was subtly changed to a less-offensive in-joke to all eight people who follow Smith's increasingly futile battles with the studios.

I love Kevin Smith movies like Kevin Smith loves hot pockets, but in the nicest possible way, it seems like a lot of them have an age-enjoyment limit on them. Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma and Jay & Silent Bob were all great fun, but it's become painfully apparent in recent years that Smith hasn't matured a day. Today's teens probably still love him, but his ship has sailed from my port.

His last movie, Zack & Miri Make A Porno (there's your first clue), featured more dick jokes per minute than an Eddie Murphy routine and a scene in which a character takes a shit on the face of Jason Mewes. FYI, Kevin Smith is 40 next year and has a ten year-old daughter. Who he named after a Batman villain.

Still, Cop Out isn't actually written by Smith himself - it's his first sole directorial credit, in fact - so thankfully we've probably been spared a scene in which Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan compare penis size in the bathroom. Probably.

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