Trailer for The Adjustment Bureau


13th May 2010

It's a sci-fi film based on short story by Philip K Dick, but you wouldn't know it from the title. It might as well be called Blank Shrug Yawn.

But I say 'sci-fi' with caution because, if this trailer is anything to go by, it's more of a thinker than an action fantasy. Which is fine - remember this is coming from the author behind Blade Runner. If you take the cerebral out of Philip K Dick's stories, you're left with another Paycheck, and no one wants that. Not even Ben Affleck.

Still, this trailer is decidedly more slow-paced than I would have expected, as these Dark City-like men in suits stalk Matt Damon's senator, instead of just smacking him round the head with a plank while doing a motorbike wheelie in slow-motion.

(*gritted teeth*) But that's fine - remember, we don't want another Paycheck.

So what we do get is some talk about destiny from the suitably authoritative tones of a distinguished Terence Stamp, and then some mention of having to choose between Love and Destiny, or something like that.

Hey Damon, let me drop some destiny on you: it will take at least another 12 years before people can hear your name without thinking to themselves "Maaaaaatt Daaaamoooon". Just saying - you're still stuck with that retard tag for quite a while yet.

On a side note, I just found out that the 'K' in Philip K Dick stands for 'Kindred'. (*smirk*). It makes sense that these types of paranoia stories would come from someone so severely bullied at school.

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