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A Sneak Preview Of Jackass 3

Nice review, but fuck this movie.
Since when did Vampires become pasty vegetarian emo teens? I want bestial, snarling vicious predators that thrive and are excited by being a vampire - not these mopey lingering-gaze High School Musical motherfuckers.
Near Dark - that's the kind of vampires I want to see, 30 Days of Night - that's the kind of vampires I want to see.
Creatures that revel in being Alpha Hunters and don't get all angsty about it.
Vegetarian vampires, I mean *really*, come the fuck on.
I blame Anne Rice for creating a legion of these fey wussy character types.
Vampires should be devious, seductive, immoral carnal creatures of wanton destruction who delight in toying with humans as nothing more than walking take-aways.

Sorry but I'm annoyed that vampires have become the refuge of fat miserable girls who wear DM's doused in patchouli oil and think wearing velvet fucking cloaks will solve anything.
Tim Burton, Anne Rice & Twilight - the root of all things wank with vampires and "gothic horror"

I'm sure I'll get dragged to this but I have to say it doesn't look all that bad. Sulky pale-faced teens I can handle; it's shit-eyed bling-bling Bratz-type shit I can't abide.

Can't stand the girl in it though. She's fucking miserable in everything she's in. Took me a while to realise she wasn't actually a boy in Panic Room.

A Sneak Preview Of Jackass 3
Stupid, retarded children.

A Sneak Preview Of Jackass 3
And god damn, this is nearly two years old.

Some children don't live that long.

A Sneak Preview Of Jackass 3
Congratulations Ali. The original article is more of a retard magnet than the World Of Warcraft forums.

You have to be proud of that.

The Day The Earth Stood Still
Interestingly, the original is doing it's merry little way around the internets AS WE SPEAK.

A Sneak Preview Of Jackass 3
Fucking hell.
This is a load of bullshit.
This site is so fucking lame.
Steve-O gets injected with AIDS?
This site should go inject itself with AIDS.
I can't believe some people actually think this is going to be in Jackass 3.

The Day The Earth Stood Still
Wow, five two-star reviews one after the other! There really isn't much good stuff on at the moment! Oh well, I'm patiently awaiting Yes Man.

I've seen [REC] and it's definetely the best horror movie from last year. A brilliant movie that upholds it's creepy and unsettling atmosphere throughout it's entire run-time.
I suppose Quarantine is basically the same, but a tad worse. People are going to feel ripped off that when they realise that they could've seen the same film, except better.
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