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Favourite Films: Jurassic Park, Back To The Future
Currently Watching: TV. Disclaimer: this network malarkey is still in beta...
Can't Wait To See: Saturday
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Guardians Of The Galaxy
Yeah, if you're sick of Star Trek ripoffs, better watch Farscape.

Where have you seen a talking raccoon before, out of curiosity?

The 2014 movie poster mash-up you didn't know you didn't want to see
Didn't spot that, but I did shop Caesar's face into the mini screen of the camcorder on the floor.

The Transformers/Coen Bros Venn diagram
Not sure it has screened over here in the UK to be honest.

A visual representation of post-Batman superhero movies
It's right there! Look! (*shifty eyes*)

Eight astonishing things on the new X-Men: Days Of Future Past poster

10 dumbest things about Man Of Steel

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
A film can still be good enough for three stars and feel like a disappointment. Nothing in RT admin says you can't rate a film 3 stars and rotten. I'm with Matt. I enjoyed it but it felt predictable and rote compared to Iron Man 3.

Gather round folks for a good old-fashioned poster cornholin'

The Wolf Of Wall Street
I think I love you.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty
Have you ever liked a film? Or do you just hate everything, you little ray of sunshine, you?
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