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Unsung Heroes #1: the midwife from Willow
Took you two and a half years though... ?

Interview: Crispin Glover

If I met Crispin Glover I'd call him a deadfuck.

Theatre review: Let The Right One In
Does it include the scene where Hakan returns after jumping out of a hospital window and turns into a crazy penis monster?

Stop stealing my ideas, Hollywood!
So does his penis have a penis?

Ride Along
My favourite Ice Cube moment is where he rides a horse in 'Are We There Yet?'

The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug
Why did we need to see another elf magical healing with herbs and chanting? That was done much better in Fellowship. Why did we need a strange dwarf/elf relationship at all? That stuff is surely best left to the dodgy fan fiction.

Top 20 movies of 2013
Christ that's embarrassing - I've only seen two of these movies. Filth and Iron Man 3. At least I saw them both at the cinema.
Highlight of this was looking for a sixteen among the crags of Judi Dench's face, only to find the numbers as her earrings.

The Liam Neeson Integrity Timeline
It's the movie that everybody (ME) is calling TAK3N.

Trailer breakdown: you mess with Riddick, you lose
one two three four get with the Riddick

I like how his special power is being able to see in the dark. Why don't the bounty hunters plan to hunt him during the day?

Red Dawn
Ah. That makes sense. I did not know that.
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