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I have to respectfully disagree with you entirely. I thought it was a tight and well-written almost-thriller.

The cast were uniformally excellent, and I was on the edge of my seat for almost the whole thing. It wasn't about The Crimes, it was about journalism and community. Do you talk about something that will rip your city apart?

I didn't think it needed shadowy threatening cardinals, or fictional threats of any kind... the real threat, the one they were bringing on themselves in exposing not only the Church's coverups... well, I was gripped.

Haven't seen Room yet, but Spotlight was is my poisonal Film of January.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past
Saw it last night. Bloody loved it.

Thrilling, funny and gorgeous to look at. And that's just McAvoy. *boom boom*

Quicksilver is my new favourite, his reaction to finding out why Erik's is in jail. Hilar.

I can only imagine that Prof X, or "wheels", explained his resurrection in a deleted scene; Sir Patrick is on record somewhere saying that he has filmed the reveal. I imagine Kitty did it.

I will be back for repeat viewings, for sure.

The 11 dumbest things about Tron Legacy
Did you edit your comment twice to ADD extra typos? You're a very strange person.

Last chocolate in a box of Roses is a thing, because here in Britain... we have boxes of chocolates called Roses. And the ones that are left at the end, are often bland. Like Garrett Hedlund in this movie.

You turd.

Under The Skin
Not that keen on having things haunting me, or etched into my psyche, to be honest.
But I must agree with Nick - a beautifully written review! 5*.

Stop stealing my ideas, Hollywood!
Gadzooks. I enjoyed that trailer.

Gather round folks for a good old-fashioned poster cornholin'
Seth MacFarlane would get SUCH a cornholin'...

I found it to be astonishingly dull, which is a real shame because it could and should have been so much better.

The actors are great, naturally, the script is fine, with the exception of one of the clunkiest "jokes" I've ever heard *"At least I know now you're the right colour" !? What does that even MEAN??*Some of the effects are fantastic, but I agree with Honest Dave - all the references were clangers.

And I'd've ditched the wife and kid, if I were in charge.

I wouldn't recommend it at all. Watch Dallas Buyers Club for a good film, or The Lego Movie if you want an action movie.

Quote quiz: Shia LaBeouf philosophy or just a load of old shit we made up?
I really hope this all turns out to be an elaborate hoax a la I'm Still Here.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty
Helps to go in with exceptionally low expectations.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty
I saw this weeks ago at one of Cineworld's secret screening thingys. When it was announced what the film was loads of people groaned and about 20 people actually left.
I stayed, because no matter how much you don't fancy a film from the trailer, or the fact that creepy-skinny Ben Stiller is in it - walking out before you've seen anything at all is a really dick move. Particularly when it's essentially free AND you're seeing it before anyone else in Britain! Come on, it's not like it was The Internship.

Anyway, I really enjoyed it. I remember leaving the cinema uplifted and happy, and touched by the tribute to film photography! Iceland is jaw-droppingly beautiful, and Wiig was brilliant. A lot of reviews (including the guardian's two almost identical 2* reviews) have missed the point on this lovely film.

Not at all surprised that TheShiznit caught it.

And the Benjamin Button bit. Oh my god, just remembering it made me laugh out loud. And I've got Noro.
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