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Favourite Films: The Shawshank Redemption, 12 Monkeys, Fight Club, Dexter (tv series)
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Can't Wait To See: Comic based films, unless Nic Cage stars in them
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Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice
As a comic book fanboy I must admit: expected more from this. In a nutshell - a wasted opportunity.

Ok, I know, it is only a dumb comic book movie but the bar has gone up since 80's. You cannot make characters do random shit for no apparent reason (e.g. Lex acting like Max Landis) or insert random dream/nightmare/premonition/flashback sequence every 5 minutes or to add insult to injury - shoehorn 1000 another metahumans ('mutants', 'enhanced' and all other words apparently taken already by MCU) in some lazy email scenes...

To make a comparison, Winter Soldier had some ass crazybat ideas like some old German transporting his mind into some vintage computer....Wuuuuuut, but still the film made it possible to gloss over those hiccups of plot devices and was enjoyable on so many levels.

Meshing Frank Miller version of Batman with clunky, plastic and moneysqueezing Death of Superman plus some other random Darkseid saga means that hardcore fans of DC got their wet dream but all others were like 'WUUUT'.

I wish I could like it more.

You made Avatar a success, now quit complaining about the sequels
The only good thing about Avatar is that it ends.

No, seriously, film promises to be a game changer but is just meh. Nothing stuck in my mind afterwards. 3d was nice for the first 10 mins, then I stopped to notice it. Maybe if the blue chick hadn't looked like anorectic model then I would have got more excited.

So yeah, was hoping James would give up on his ideas of bringing this 'rich new world Pandora' back. But whatever, won't give him my dollars this time around.

The new Now You See Me 2 poster is bullshit and here's why
Had 'pleasure' of watching the first part in the cinema.
So underwhelming flick and at the same time an insult to my average IQ of 80. One thing worse than a dumb movie is a dumb movie that pretends to be clever.

This one I won't see even at home.
Pass forever.
Or as my brother would say: I wouldn't watch it even if they paid me to. Unless it would be a real hefty amount.

I know, Bond earlier in UK than everywhere else, but come on, where is your Back to the Future homage article?

I thought you love films, those classics especially <sadface>.

Unsung Heroes #1: the midwife from Willow
Lesson is: had it been difficult - it would have taken 12 years for him to guess. Or 1 Linklater.

The 7 saddest details on the IMDb page for John Travolta's new movie
I just found 'I'm a Gummy Bear' song on Youtube.
It has over 500 fucking million views. OH, HUMANITY, WHY??

A part of me just died now.

JK goes mental and yeah, when he starts, there is no going back.

I saw the movie the other day and must admit - JK is my new hero, making verbal abuse a real art.

OMG, when I thought Limitless is bad....

Seriously, Limitless is Citizen Kane in comparison to Lucy - a film so dull and full of bullshit that when power went down somewhere around 1h of its running time - I just said 'Thanks Heavens, it must be a sign'.
So yeah - a rare case of film I could not even watch till the end. Not that I wanted or will want.
I don't mind stupid movies, I just cannot stand a dumb movie that pretends it is actually clever.

A sidenote - never saw Citizen Kane - but heard it is some kind of a masterpiece.

We're running out of Batman titles
When one starts to think the world went crazy, you just need to get here to read your article Ali, and everything gets back to normal.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past
Just seen it. Awesome stuff.

Singer nailed it like in old days.
Also, he basically rebooted the franchise, which is cool cause it allows for completely new shit to happen. Unless Bryan is put in jail for his wrongdoings, hopefully allegations will turn out to be made up.
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