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Favourite Films: The Shawshank Redemption, 12 Monkeys, Fight Club, Dexter (tv series)
Currently Watching: This site
Can't Wait To See: Comic based films, unless Nic Cage stars in them
Member Since: 12 Oct 2009

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I've forgotten how to review movies and it's all The Boss Baby's fault
Good to know you are still alive Ali.

Parenting changes everything, indeed.

The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

Despite the brutality of this film, the first adjective that came to my mind after watching it was 'beautiful'.

Impossible task, one would think, to mix so effortlessly so much swearing/blood spilling and actual great piece of cinema with tears inducing scenes in one picture.

Taking risk do pays off, when one taking risk knows one's shit (yes, I am looking at you WB).

A Cure For Wellness
Also, Dane looks like young 'discount DiCaprio', amiright?

Btw, didn't know Ali you are eelsophobe. Don't be. There is a rumour of a new Ghostbusters movie but with main characters eels instead of women.

101 reasons 2016 wasn't quite as shit as we all thought it was
Seriously, great stuff this article is.
Thanks a lot.

Best wishes from Poland,
always faithful to Shiznit.

X-Men: Apocalypse
Putting aside all good and bad things in this movie (as comic fanboy, which makes me more biased towards any superhero film, I still kinda liked the flick, which overall was just above guilty pleasure level) I must add:

This is the first time (to my knowledge that spans only so little into the past) when summer blockbuster from US tried to put a major US character in Poland and made him speak Polish and man oh man.... that turned out hilarious, as it came out very unnatural (both in accent and word choice). What is more - I can kinda understand Magneto struggling with a language not being his native one (and Polish being said to be one of the hardest to master, lol) but why would Police Militia men would also display the similar difficulties? Was it too hard for Bryan to hire a few real Polish tier 10 actors, instead of picking some Russians or half-orcs, I mean half-Poles who forgot their language 10 years ago?

Well, the result was the whole crowd in the theather had laughing out loud moment and I guess most of the people were instantly threw out from serious mood of the Erik subplot. Shame.

Wondering if the same applies when some Yankee is trying to pretend he can speak Cockney. I guess this might be a longer subject.

EU Referendum game-changer: The Shiznit backs Remain
As a person from Poland (who never (yet) put his foot outside the continent) I can truly state: Poland loves you guys.

Despite the fact in those old online compe-tit-ions you could not send prizes outside Isles (I know that my chances to guess the proper answer were slim anyways...).

Bookmarking Shiznit page forevah, regardless the voting results.

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice
As a comic book fanboy I must admit: expected more from this. In a nutshell - a wasted opportunity.

Ok, I know, it is only a dumb comic book movie but the bar has gone up since 80's. You cannot make characters do random shit for no apparent reason (e.g. Lex acting like Max Landis) or insert random dream/nightmare/premonition/flashback sequence every 5 minutes or to add insult to injury - shoehorn 1000 another metahumans ('mutants', 'enhanced' and all other words apparently taken already by MCU) in some lazy email scenes...

To make a comparison, Winter Soldier had some ass crazybat ideas like some old German transporting his mind into some vintage computer....Wuuuuuut, but still the film made it possible to gloss over those hiccups of plot devices and was enjoyable on so many levels.

Meshing Frank Miller version of Batman with clunky, plastic and moneysqueezing Death of Superman plus some other random Darkseid saga means that hardcore fans of DC got their wet dream but all others were like 'WUUUT'.

I wish I could like it more.

You made Avatar a success, now quit complaining about the sequels
The only good thing about Avatar is that it ends.

No, seriously, film promises to be a game changer but is just meh. Nothing stuck in my mind afterwards. 3d was nice for the first 10 mins, then I stopped to notice it. Maybe if the blue chick hadn't looked like anorectic model then I would have got more excited.

So yeah, was hoping James would give up on his ideas of bringing this 'rich new world Pandora' back. But whatever, won't give him my dollars this time around.

The new Now You See Me 2 poster is bullshit and here's why
Had 'pleasure' of watching the first part in the cinema.
So underwhelming flick and at the same time an insult to my average IQ of 80. One thing worse than a dumb movie is a dumb movie that pretends to be clever.

This one I won't see even at home.
Pass forever.
Or as my brother would say: I wouldn't watch it even if they paid me to. Unless it would be a real hefty amount.

I know, Bond earlier in UK than everywhere else, but come on, where is your Back to the Future homage article?

I thought you love films, those classics especially <sadface>.
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