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Top 20 movies of 2012
Well that was probably one of her best scenes, but hardly the highlight of the movie.

But I have to say I am a bit biased, never really like much she has done and was not thrilled to hear that she was cast as Catwoman, to say the least, but I honestly tried to give her a chance.

Maybe I will change my mind about her after watching Les Miserables for which she just got oscars nominated... Just maybe, and then rematch Rises and hopefully get a better experience.

Because I really want to like her character, but I just can't, I just can't do it captain!

Top 20 movies of 2012
First of all great site and I find you guys hilarious! And I usually agree with you guys' movie taste and use it as a guide for what to watch.

So that is why I have to know if you are joking when you say: "foreboding with a sense of style and humour is Anne Hathaway's brilliant Catwoman"?

Please tell me that you are, because her character almost ruined the movie for me with her silly backstory * SPOILER ALERT, wanting to clear her name or whatever and the worst thing of course being MAYOR SPOILER ALERT, when she kills the movie's iconic villain and follows it with one of her stupid one liners! I could go on!*

So when you use a word like BRILLIANT about Hathaway's Catwoman, is gives me great grief and hope that you are joking, but I am afraid that you are not...

Movie poster round-up: fairies, families and folk unlike us
I just want to give a tip of the hat, to the fellow defending Adkins... I was also pretty surprised to read that you did not know Adkins...

He is in my opinion one of the most physically capable actors of this generation. His work in undisputed 2, simply amazed me and have been trying to follow his movies ever since.

He is definitely among the right crowd in Expendables 2.

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