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God and Your Mother

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God and Your Mother
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Eight astonishing things on the new X-Men: Days Of Future Past poster
No yoghurt anywhere. Absolutely zero yoghurt references on the poster

What if John Travolta read the names of the Best Picture nominees?
Once bought some Canned Peen at a market in Cambodia.

Ben Affleck as Batman: pros & cons
Karl Urban in Dredd - exemplary chinnage

Alternate poster for Spike Jonze's Her
You should have put a picture of Ann on the poster.

The Lone Ranger
One of those films that, if I went to watch it, I'd be too busy trying to work out if it's good or not to actually enjoy it.

Well I for one did not see this Doctor Who announcement coming
Taken 2 the cleaners

Pacific Rim
/ Pacific Rim Job

There's a new #1 on my Most Wanted Korean Gorilla Baseball Movies list
Owen Wilson to play the bat?

The Liam Neeson Integrity Timeline
Generic bad guys are going to kidnap his dignity

Backing bad movies to get good ones
I meant more films in general rather than more Die Hard films. I actually by chance went to see die hard 5 with my dad and it was meeega awkward.
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