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Can critics really kill a movie? Don't make me laugh
See also: Kevin Smith and Cop Out.

Or 'toys out of the pram' syndrome.

Much Ado About Nothing
"Iambic pent-amateur" is the best thing I've read in a while.

The Big Wedding
Did it get that second star for the unexpected swear?

Fast & Furious 6
My reaction to that Simpsons gif got me a dirty look from my boss. And not the good kind.

Red Dawn
I had fun with this. It wasn't nearly as bad as people made it out to be. Predictable as anything, but a lot of fun.

The 50 very worst YouTube user comments on the Iron Man 3 trailer


Excellent. I'm a fan of regular Statham fare, (usually viewed on DVD) so if this is a cut above I may just nip to the cinema.

Die Hard Week: 10 most memorable incidental Die Hard characters
Has anyone ever tested the 'fists with your toes' technique?

Pfft, it's not meant to be Citizen Kane.

50 other Daily Bullshit Star Wars Rumours that might come true
17 made me guffaw.

Actually GUFFAW!
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