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Top 10 films of our lifetime #1: No Country For Old Men
Great top ten, thoroughly enjoyed reading all these entries!

Out of curiosity though, were there any other films that were close contenders for this list? Interested to know what just missed the mark, if any!

Happy birthday to us: The Shiznit is ten years old today
Happy birthday! I genuinely can't remember how I stumbled across the site, but I'm so glad I did and have been an avid reader for the last few years now. Congratulations on the big 1-0!

Stop the online film blogging community, I want to get off!
I'm a pretty active reader of The Shiznit, and, like Nick, it made me a little sad to read "I've all but given up hope of finding an engaging userbase in the film community – and I include my own commenters in this statement." But then I realised that actually, I think I've only ever posted two or three comments on the site, and so I thought I should add another one to that meagre tally just to say that I definitely appreciate and admire how you guys run the site. It always seems so effortless how well you juggle ethics, humour and honest opinions in your reviews/articles, and it's why yours is one of the only film websites I ever read anymore. I feel like that's a really crap description of why I love reading The Shiznit, but hey - there's good reason why I'm not a writer. I guess a more succinct way of saying it is that I really enjoy reading all of your reviews and content, and really admire and enjoy the way in which you run the site, and this post kinda highlights exactly why I'd rather read your articles than any other blogs. (Still a crap description, but uh... I no word good.)

One of the inherent problems with comments, imho, is that it doesn't really reflect the readership, but more highlights the complainers and the idiots. For me personally, I rarely post comments because I have nothing to say. Like I said, I love reading the site, but I just never feel the urge to write any comments. *Shrug*

I guess what I'm saying is to not judge your readership based solely on those who comment, and that there are plenty of us who silently enjoy your articles and site a hell of a lot. I feel like it's probably one of those obvious things that you, as writers, are no doubt fully aware of, but it felt worth taking the time to actually say.

This is my favourite review you guys have done, it's just so damn good.

Iron Man 3 trailer #2 shows off shiny new suit
To be fair, phone reception IS terrible in the Cotswolds, that would be a very valid excuse.

Proof that Seth MacFarlane's sexism is anything but harmless
Terrific article, hits the nail right on the fucking head. It's so disgusting that an actresses physical appearance is valued by commenters and film viewers so damn highly over anything else. My only real reaction when I heard that Woodley was to play Mary Jane was "Oh cool, she was really great in The Descendants."

One thing in particular that annoyed me about the "We Saw Your Boobs" song is the context in which its presented. It's in the section where William Shatner/James Kirk appears on screen from the future, telling MacFarlane not to ruin the Oscars and that if he does X, Y and Z he'll be labelled the worst host ever. That serves as an introduction of the song, thereby fully acknowledging the disgusting, offensive nature of it.

But... it still plays anyway. The entire fucking song, every word of it. It's not like it gets cut halfway through and MacFarlane says "yep, that would be a fucking terrible thing to do, thanks for the heads up Shatner." No, the whole song and dance routine, every line that they wrote. It's a disgusting hypocrisy in that MacFarlane/the writers/producers are aware that the song is offensive and sexist, and use that lazy guise to acknowledge it, but still going ahead and doing it. Having their mysoginist cake and eating it too, all the while winking at the audience. Like you mention in the article, he's using "satire" as a shield to hide behind.

Dunno if I've explained that properly, but I no smart.

Die Hard Week: 50 things you probably didn't know about Die Hard
That Burt Reynolds picture is the most terrifying thing I have ever seen. So disturbing...

11 most distracting movie cameos
Ugh, I'd JUST forgotten about Mike Myers in Inglourious Basterds. THANKS GUYS.

Having recently seen Django, I'd definitely say Tarantino's cameo in that was distracting. And painful. And excruciating. His accent/acting is atrocious.

Also Tom Lennon in Dark Knight Rises. What the fuck was he doing there? And playing a doctor no less?

Les Misérables
I'm glad I wasn't the only one who hated that grating little shit. Very nearly cheered when that kid was shot, then totally did when he was shot a second time.

I've been a big fan of the site for a long time now and I don't know why it was the murder of a child that led to me finally create an account and post a comment, but here we are.
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