BOO! In other news, win Paranormal Activity 2 on DVD


6th February 2011

Because sleeping at night is overrated anyway.

WoOoOoOoOoI'm kind of hoping that Paranormal Activity doesn't turn into an annual horror crapfest a la the Saw movies, because the first one was a work of genius - the first horror film since The Blair Witch Project which got completely and totally under my skin. Ever since then, I've slept with one eye open a la Leon. In unrelated news, my eye hurts.

Paranormal Activity 2 looks like being more of the same, but when that means more moments that make your heart hide under your lungs, then that's fine by me. Because it's a sequel, it has more dogs and babies in it, which obviously makes it 150% scarier. It's out on Monday 28th February, which scientists have dubbed the 'spookiest day of the year'. Not really.

As you may have guessed by now from this rambling, unfocused intro, I've got three copies of it on DVD to give away to whichever ghost hunters are wise enough to answer one fiendish question. Click here to enter and make sure you enter a proper email address (naming no names, '').

Just a footnote: we accept no responsibility if ghosts actually exist and decide to kill you while you sleep.

If you've got money to burn, you can pre-order it now. You maniac.

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