Competition: Win The Ward on DVD


17th October 2011

Hey stupid, do you want a free DVD? You do? Then enter this competition, idiot! Finally, my new superliminal approach to blogging yields results!

That horror legend John Carpenter is making movies again is most definitely a good thing, and judging from the better-than-expected reception The Ward received upon release earlier this year, he's still got a few scares left in him. Plus it never hurts to have a sexy lady on your DVD cover. They aren't hired by accident, you know. Synopsisize me!

"Set in a Psychiatric Hospital, this bone-chilling horror stars Amber Heard as Kristen (Drive Angry 3D) and Jared Harris as Dr Stringer (Mad Men) and delivers on jumps and scares aplenty.

"Kristen finds herself committed to THE WARD, with no recollection of previous events. Imprisoned in this terrifying asylum alongside a group of erratically behaved young women, Kristen not only faces overbearing wardens during the day but by night a savage ghostly figure stalks the ward hallway for her next victim to swallow into the darkness."
The Ward is out on Blu-ray™ and DVD today (that's the 17th October, just in case that wasn't clear), but only a village idiot would pass up the opportunity to win a copy for free. Did I mention it has Amber 'sexy lady' Heard in it? Because it does. Just click here if you want to enter, and hurry: I'm pretty sure the DVDs I was given are haunted. Either that or it's just the ghosts of all the hobos I murdered.

It's probably that.

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