Grrrrrr! Win Drive Angry on DVD


4th July 2011

It's out on DVD today, but if you're a horrible, poor hobo without a penny to your name, you can win one of three copies of Drive Angry on DVD. Maybe you can sell them for crack if you win!

I said all I wanted to say about Drive Angry in my review, and Matt threw his hat in the ring in today's DVD weekly, but if you really want to make your mind up, I recommend watching it yourself. But wait! Get your finger off that 'Buy' button, mister! We have three copies of Drive Angry on DVD to give away, and all you have to do to enter is sell your soul to Satan and get your hair cut in a peroxide blonde mullet.

Alternatively, click here and answer the stupidly easy question and maybe you'll get lucky. You've got until midnight on Sunday.

DRIVE ANGRY is out on DVD and Double Play Blu-ray on July 4, courtesy of Lions Gate Home Entertainment. They made me say that. They've got a gun on me, man!

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