Spoil The Cabin In The Woods for yourself by winning it on DVD


24th September 2012

There’s not a lot I can say about The Cabin In The Woods because practically the whole film is one big spoiler. What I can say is that we have five copies on DVD to give away. But obviously only enter this competition if you have already seen it because otherwise you’ll end up watching it and ruining the ending for yourself.

If you HAVE seen the film, you’ll know it’s one of the best releases of the year. In fact, if it doesn’t appear in the upper echelons of our inevitable Best Films Of 2012 feature, I’ll eat my cursed conch shell. And I’m not just saying this - we liked this film so much we even put our name on the poster and we don’t do that for just anyone (although if any marketing people are reading this, we will, we really will).

If 2012 will be remembered for anything, it will be as The Year Of The Whedon. Or maybe something about the Olympics, but just go with me on this for a while. While The Avengers became a global massive mega-smash-hit blockbuster, Joss Whedon’s other work, The Cabin in The Woods, is actually the better film. A horror comedy that delivers laughs and scares in equal measure, this film not only succeeds in being an exemplary model for its genre, but actually turns every horror trope on its gory, decapitated head.

Of course, it’s not all down to Joss, the film was also co-written and directed by Drew Goddard, who we interviewed and he turned out to be a very nice chap. Hence this slightly unnecessary paragraph mentioning his name.

Anyway, The Cabin In The Woods is bloody brilliant and you can win one of the five copies we have to give away by answering a stupid question I just made up here. And for anyone who doesn’t win, the film is available to buy on DVD and Blu-ray from today (Monday 24th September, for those without a calendar to hand).

Also, seeing as the competition closes at midnight on Sunday 30th September, why not while away your time until then playing this related tie-in game on Facebook? I’ve been playing it for 30 hours straight and only stopped when my cat came near me and I tried to slay it.

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