Win ace horror Triangle on DVD


1st March 2010

Answer a question so easy even you can get it right and win a copy of excellent mystery horror Triangle on DVD.

One movie I'm sorry I missed at the cinema last year is Triangle, the new horror from British director Chris Smith; he's the chap behind London Underground romp Creep and Danny Dyer's least objectionable movie, Severance. His movies have been getting steadily better, so the form book suggests this one will be a belter.

To win one of two copies of Triangle on DVD, all you have to do is click here, be patronised by a ridiculously simple question and wait for the package to flop through your letterbox, next to your free sample of Cialis and your mail-order bride rejection letter.

In the meantime, enjoy the trailer. Warning: adult situations!

Triangle is out now on DVD, click here to buy it like a regular person and quit kidding yourself.

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