Win Burning Bright on DVD - yeah, the tiger hurricane movie!


30th August 2010

Your chance to win the most awesome movie about a tiger chasing a girl in her pants during a hurricane ever made.

A while back, I stumbled on a movie so batshit insane, I simply had to see it. I begged. I pleaded. I left a rambling message on the movie's IMDB messageboard to the director. He answered. And our love affair with Burning Bright began. Although we still think it should have been called ROARRICANE.

In a nutshell, Burning Bright is about a girl who gets trapped in a house with a real, live tiger. During a hurricane. With her autistic little brother. Also, the tiger belongs to Meat Loaf. And that's just in a nutshell. Actually, that's kind of the plot in full as well.

As the UK's foremost expert on all things Burning Bright, we've been selected to give away five copies of the movie on DVD before its general release on Monday 6 September. All you have to do is answer this simple question and sacrifice a small woodland animal in our honour.

I watched Burning Bright over the weekend, and it's actually a really fun little movie. The tiger is real - you can tell because it's used sparingly, and scenes where actors could have been in danger are digitally comped together - but it's still mighty tense, and bracingly original. Frankly I can't believe no one makes more 'Help I'm being stalked by a wild animal!' movies. They're a darn sight better than serial killers and boring slashers.

Maybe the next Halloween movie, Michael Myers removes his mask, and it turns out he was a tiger all along. COPYRIGHT.

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