Win Get Him To The Greek on DVD


21st October 2010

Love him or hate him, Russell Brand will be thrusting his pelvis in your face for years to come. Commemorate/commiserate this groinal invasion by winning his new movie, Get Him To The Greek, on DVD.

I'll admit to being rather taken with Russell Brand at the moment, as I'm balls deep in his second book (y wook) having just finished his first. Yes, his mincing pirate dandy persona can grate after a while, but he's in possession of one of the quickest, most imaginative comic brains in the business and does a rather fine line in colourful self-deprecation.

Earlier this year, his reprised his role as drug-addled hedonist Aldous Snow in Get Him To The Greek, a quasi-sequel to the excellent Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the Judd Apatow-produced comedy that broke him in America.

I've been given a bundle of DVDs to give away, and while the movie may well be as divisive as its star, I will say that the DVD is absolutely top-notch: it took me a good 15 minutes to browse the featurettes, gag reels, outtakes and such, let alone watch the damn things.

Don't want to contribute to the UK's flailing economy and pay for a copy? Very well: just click here to enter the competition and neatly circumvent a financial transaction.

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