Win Jonah Hex on DVD


28th December 2010

What else are you going to do? Watch television? Don't make me laugh. Look at that gorgeous poster. John Malkovich really doesn't want to share that tangerine, does he?

Had I seen it, Jonah Hex looks exactly like the kind of film that'd have made our guilty pleasures list: a sci-fi Western starring a facially-scarred Josh Brolin as a supernatural cowboy opposite Megan Fox in a corset as a hooker and John Malkovich as a hammy villain, you say? Don't mind if I do. You had me at 'hooker'.

Warner have kindly donated me a couple of copies from their charity bin as the movie is out on DVD now, so if you want to blag a copy, click here and answer the insultingly easy (and just plain insulting) question provided. What could be easier? Not doing it, I guess.

Jonah Hex is out on Blu-ray and DVD 27 December, courtesy of Warner Home Video (so don't come running to me)

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