Win Moneyball on Blu-ray and learn about baseballing


19th March 2012

Answer a simple question and you can win a Blu-ray copy of Moneyball, transporting you to the magical world of baseball stats and thin Jonah Hills. AND your copy will come with a free book, meaning you can read about all those things too! TWICE THE FUN.

I hold my hand up and freely admit that I haven’t yet seen Moneyball, and so taking my recommendation to enter this competition might seem to you like some bloody two-faced cheek on my part. Yet, I have only heard the best of things about the film and it was nominated for no less than six Oscars, at least three of which were in categories you might actually care about. Plus it stars Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill (who we all might have to start calling ‘Jonah Flat’ now in adherence with the bad joke I just made up in my head) and it was co-written by Aaron Sorkin. If he can make Mark Zuckerberg interesting, god only knows what he can achieve for baseball.

Plus, you’d be winning a FREE copy. What more do you want? Oh, ok – yes, Ali has seen it and he said it’s really good. There, you happy?

Right then, click here to answer a shamefully simple question and you could win one of three Blu-rays, each with its own copy of the book, that we’ve kindly been told to give away and not keep for ourselves.

For anyone that doesn’t win, Moneyball is available on general release from Monday 19th March (which is today, unless you’re reading this in the future. Either way, it’s out now).

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