Win one of five copies of Roman Polanski's The Ghost on DVD


10th September 2010

It's about politics! (*Boo!*) But also about murder! (*Yay!*)

Whatever your opinion of Roman Polanski and his wacky adventures, he makes a mean movie - except when he's appearing in Rush Hour 3, anyway. His latest, The Ghost, is out on DVD on Monday 20 September. It's a real curio: loosely based on Tony Blair, it tells the story of a ghost writer drafted in to write a former PM's memoirs after the last guy ended up going the way of Dr. David Kelly. 'Suicide', right? (*winks*)

Our Anna reviewed it earlier this year and gave it three stars, and I'd probably concur, but that feels like a bit of a cop-out. It's far from average, as its rating suggests, but it'll likely divide audiences - in turns, it's smart, dumb, atmospheric and highly ridiculous. Needless to say, it's a fascinating watch, and at the very least, Pierce Brosnan makes a great slimey ex-Prime Minister.

I've got five copies of The Ghost to give away to you lot, but only because my eBay account was closed for 'aggressive feedback of a sexual nature'. Therefore, all you have to do is answer this simple question and a night in with Roman Polanski awaits.

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