Win The Crazies on DVD


19th July 2010

It's competition time! Just like Going Live, only you don't have to control a small, poorly-responsive, digitised troll with your touch-tone phone.

When it comes to horror remakes, Hollywood has had a lot of luck with George Romero's back-catalogue. Dawn Of The Dead was surprisingly badass with Linford Christie zombies, and The Crazies was a pretty darn effective shock-u-mentally. Plus it had mental townsfolk going apeshit with pitchforks, which always helps. You can read Rob's review here.

You know the drill by now: if you want to win one of five copies of The Crazies on DVD, all you gots to do is click here, enter your details (I will need your email address, unless you want to receive your prize via fax) and answer the insultingly easy question.

Some might say you'd be crazy not to enter! Not me, though. What I do I look like, some sort of tosser? Get out of my office!

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