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16th February 2012

Here's your chance to win officially the sixth best film of 2011 on spangly Blu-ray: three copies of Warrior are up for grabs. And punches. And crotch-punches. And kicks. And face-kicks.

Sometimes, you know a film is going to be awesome, then it is awesome, and you go home satisfied. Sometimes, however, it's far more exciting to go and see a film which you think will be average, then double-over in sheer joy as it sucker punches you in the guts with its quality. Warrior performed such an assault on my person: I was expecting "All the Rockys rolled into one!" but I actually got something good.

Warrior is out on Blu-ray and DVD on February 20th, courtesy of Lions Gate Home Entertainment, but if you're smart, you'll click here to enter our competition to win it on Blu-ray. Because you have nice hair and a non-threatening voice, I'll let you win.

Here's the trailer, in case you forgot what Tom Hardy looks like.

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