Win Youth In Revolt on DVD


12th July 2010

Hey, stupid. Yeah, you. I have five copies of Youth In Revolt on DVD, and I'm not allowed to steal any for myself. I guess, thinking about it for a minute, you guys can probably take them off my hands. For a price.

Don't worry: the price is fun. Youth In Revolt might look like your typical Michael Cera comedy - dorky kid tries to win heart of unattainable female, stammering hilarity ensues - but it's got a great twist, in that Cera also plays his own suave, psychotic alter-ego called Francois. Also, Nuts magazine called it, "Quirky, cherry-popping fun!" so you know it's good.

Want to win it on DVD? All you gots to do is click here. Well, and answer the question. And add your email address. I guess you should probably read the terms and conditions too. Actually forget it, it's starting to sound like a drag. Just watch the nice trailer instead.

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