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  • Despicable Me 2

    Movie Review | Ben | 29th June 2013

    You could slap a three-star review on Despicable Me 2 and most people wouldn't complain, but whether you enjoy it or not depends entirely on two things: how much you enjoy the slapstick comedy of the minions, and how much schmaltz you can tolerate. The only way to give it a fair review is via the medium of chart.

  • The Amazing Spider-Man amazing synopsis mystery

    Movie News | Ben | 1st February 2012

    I know what you're thinking: nerdy kid gets bitten by super-spider, becomes Spider-Man. You've seen it a thousand times, so how could the synopsis possibly contain anything of any excitement whatsoever? Well come inside, for this is sure to get your spider-sense a-tingling.

  • Paul Rudd officially tired of Jennifer Aniston's shit

    Movie Feature | Ben | 27th December 2011

    Fancy sitting through another Jennifer Aniston comedy in which she goes on an emotional journey of discovery? No? Neither does Paul Rudd, in our new, some might say 'improved' poster for Wanderlust.

  • Jurassic Park Week: 10 best Jurassic Park viral videos

    Movie Feature | Ben | 21st September 2011

    You could spent hours watching all of the fan-made videos of Jurassic Park online and, in among the retarded dinosaur impressions and clips with terrible audio, you might find something really funny. But why waste your time doing that when we've gathered all the best clips for you?

  • Stop the press: Mel Gibson actually LOVES the Jews

    Movie News | Ben | 11th September 2011

    In news that will make Jews everywhere drop their dreidels and shout, 'Oy!', Mad Mel's making a movie about Judah Maccabee. Could there be a more inappropriate project? You know where we're going here.

  • Exclusive: Vin Diesel reveals new Chronicles Of Riddick concept art

    Movie News | Ben | 7th September 2011

    While Vin Diesel has been flashing the official concept art for the latest installment of The Chronicles of Riddick to anyone who can't avert their eyes quick enough, he only shared his own personal concept art with us. See for yourself after the jump.

  • 5 brilliant new plot ideas for Pirates Of The Caribbean 5

    Movie Feature | Ben | 15th July 2011

    So Johnny Depp is in talks to play Jack Sparrow once again for more hijinks on the high-seas, but what could possibly be in store for Pirates Of The Caribbean next? Let's dredge the bottom of the barrel!

  • The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer description description

    Movie News | Ben | 14th July 2011

    The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer has appeared online... and swiftly disappeared again. The first descriptions of the teaser trailer are available, and if The can't be first to bring you the trailer description, we'll be the first with the trailer description description.

  • 5 things we learned from the new Fast Five poster

    Movie Feature | Ben | 20th March 2011

    If you've seen all of the previous Fast and Furious movies like we have (twice), you probably think you know all there is to know about the series. Well, come on it and prepare to be blown away by what the new poster tells us about the latest instalment.

  • Due Date

    Movie Review | Ben | 4th November 2010

    A straight-laced businessman and chunky oddball are thrown together in unlikely circumstances to travel across the country in order to get home for a special event. What is this, 1988? While the concept may be the same, the outcome isn't. Trains, Planes and Automobiles this ain't.