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  • 25 greatest 'owned' movie moments

    Movie Feature | Phyllis | 6th June 2010

    For those not familiar with internet parlace (ZOMG), being 'owned' or being party to 'ownage' is to be completely and totally defeated in the most swift, brutal, embarrassing way possible.

  • Law Abiding Citizen

    Movie Review | Phyllis | 25th November 2009

    What happens when you throw Gerard Butler, Jamie Foxx, insinuated rape, gruesome revenge killings and over-the-top action sequences together into one over-long courtroom drama? It isn't hilarity that ensues. It's a goddamn depressing mess.

  • Paranormal Activity

    Movie Review | Phyllis | 23rd November 2009

    What happens when you sleep? So asked Israeli-born filmmaker Oren Peli, who, after moving into a suburban San Diego tract house, discovered that odd, unsettling things began to occur in the house. Books inexplicably fell off of shelves. Strange noises were heard in the night... but whereas lesser mortals may have called in a priest or even a Ghostbuster, Peli thought that living in a spook house might make for a nice little horror flick.

  • 15 famous movie good guys who were also total dicks

    Movie Feature | Phyllis | 9th September 2009

    Ah, the Good Guy. In movies, he/she is usually played as clean-cut and wholesome. But when the truly enterprising writer goes above and beyond the call of duty, sometimes character flaws combine to make a Good Guy go bad. And sometimes they're just total assholes.

  • A Perfect Getaway

    Movie Review | Phyllis | 13th August 2009

    I'm not sure what to make of David Twohy. The man is responsible for Critters 2: The Main Course, Waterworld, G.I. Jane and The Chronicles of Riddick (and unleashing Vin Diesel onto an unsuspecting world, damn it). One might despise him for these vile offences, nay, not just despise, but secretly wish to haul him into the Hague for crimes against humanity.