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  • The Proposal

    Movie Review | Rich | 27th July 2009

    The Proposal is a strange film. It's exactly what you'd expect of an update to Gérard Depardieu's Green Card and yet for every occasion when it complies with one of the inevitable clichés demanded by its genre, there's a moment of subtle character development that implies that its creators really should be producing a stronger p...

  • Push

    Movie Review | Rich | 21st February 2009

    Push is a sign of things to come. Licensed comic book movies have made more than a bajillion dollars since Spidey swang back into town, so it's only natural that movie studios will want to continue this trend, without having to send wheelbarrows of money to Marvel or DC. This means they'll have to come up with original IP, whi...

  • Top 50 Best Movie Deaths

    Movie Feature | Rich | 27th January 2009

    Movie deaths are an integral part of the filmmaker's arsenal. Can you imagine how dull flicks would be without the occasional fatality, assassination or cheeky moider? They offer a chance for imagination and inventiveness and have given the creators of the Saw series an outlet that has probably stopped them going on a killing sp...

  • Top 10 Movie Fashion Disasters

    Movie Feature | Rich | 14th December 2007

    Fashion is the most fickle of beasts: don a particularly daring outfit, and BAM - two weeks later it's yesterday's news and you're revealed to have all the style of a Bosnian pimp. Usually such sartorial gaffes are forgotten in time, but in movieland, those glorious fashion disasters are preserved on celluloid for future generat...

  • Top 20 Movie Hitmen

    Movie Feature | Rich | 7th September 2007

    There's something about folks who are willing to kill for money that has always fascinated cinema audiences. It could be the remarkable flexibility of morality that these characters display; their willingness to cross a line that most of us couldn't even consider approaching. Or it could be that they're really cool. Hitman is pr...