16 amazing excerpts from this Jason Statham biography I read

Matt Looker

24th June 2015

I know, I know. It's hard to believe that such an incredible, inspiring life could be contained to just 236 pages.

After taking part recently in one of Den Of Geek's always excellent movie quiz nights, Team Shiznit were presented with the dubious 'prize' of a box of Stath-themed goodies. And then, somehow, after the rest of the team made off with various DVDs and Blu-rays, I got lumbered with the book. The anti-Statham object.

But I read it anyway and it turns out that Jason Statham: Taking Stock is an eye-opening insight into an apparent cinematic legend. Who knew?

And author Lee Brown has a turn of phrase that transcends mere critical appraisal, turning the mundane into the kind of awe best reserved for gods.

Here are some of the best passages.

I strongly recommend that you seek the book out if you have ever looked at Statham's filmography on IMDB and thought that such a simple chronological list of movies could do with more words.

You can buy it at Amazon here. Whatever you do, however, don't try to find it at Henley Library, because the stamp and date-page glued to the inside of my 'prize' suggests that you would be in for disappointment.

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