2013: The year in stuff that looked like dicks

Ali Gray

18th December 2013

2013 was the most phallic movie year in modern memory - penile imagery was thrust at us from every direction and in every dimension. I'd be happy to go on record as saying this year has featured the most movies featuring stuff that looked like dicks ever. Prove me wrong: I guarantee you have far too much dignity to even try.

The tip of Wolverine's sword

The Kryptonian ships in Man Of Steel

Russell Crowe's wang hat in Les Misérables

Sean Penn's tommy gun in Gangster Squad

The Rock's big gun in G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Kevin Costner's erection in Jack Ryan

Sylvester Stallone's veiny arms in Bullet To The Head

Owen Wilson's nose in The Internship

Michael Fassbender's seatbelt in The Counsellor

Shia LaBeouf

See you at the end of 2014 for stuff that looked like fannies.

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