25 endless looping gifs from the best film ever, Big Trouble In Little China


19th February 2013

Because it's Tuesday and this is the internet. Please pour one out for our bandwidth.

John Carpenter's Big Trouble In Little China is my favourite movie. It's so goddamn everything. I watch it at least twice a year, but this year is going to be a bumper one because I've already seen it twice and it's not even been my birthday yet (March 31st for your diaries). But even though I've seen it countless times, upon the last viewing I had an epiphany, of sorts: many of the scenes would make awesome animated gifs.

Now, I'm not talking my-silly-cat-rolling-off-a-bed - I'm talking perfectly formed loops, where one end meets the other and you could potentially watch until the end of time. It's almost like John Carpenter intentionally kept the camera still, and edited together lots of quick action bits with no fades or wipes for future internet people to discover... which totally validates ripping the DVD and running it through gif creation software. Right, guys? Guys? (*boards plane to Mexico*)

Anyway, hopefully some of these will have loaded by now. Enjoy!

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