3 Best Arnie quotes from the The Last Stand press junket


23rd January 2013

When you get the chance to come face to face with The Terminator, you can't pass that up lightly. So when The Running Man came to London to promote new film The Last Stand, I gladly made my way to see Commando in the flesh. And who can blame me? The man was in Kindergarten Cop, for crying out loud.

So, along with the film press elite, some film bloggers and one guy in a questionable pin-striped shirt, I arrived at the Savoy Hotel and huddled into the Abraham Lincoln Room (soon to be renamed the Daniel Day Lewis Conference Room B). There we awaited Arnold Schwarzenegger, Johnny Knoxville, Jaimie Alexander and, most importantly, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

When they arrived - along with Empire journo and always-unflappable junket host Chris Hewitt - one thing became very clear: the junket organisers had vastly underestimated the length of table needed for four people, especially when one of those four people was the Austrian Oak.

Also, Questionable Pin-striped Shirt Man was blocking my view of Jaimie Alexander

But soon enough, the celeb chat started and Qs were being A-ed. Over the course of the next half hour, two things struck me: 1) Knoxville and Alexander must be bored as all hell during this European press tour as people only ever want to direct questions at Arnie, and 2) the man himself can't seem to get out of the habit of answering questions like a politician. Even the simplest of fun queries about his action career were met with drawn-out, diplomatic statements like he was trying to play down rumours about state taxes.

Still, he's Arnold Schwarzenegger so you have to listen, don't you? Well, you don't actually because here I have handily compiled the five best quotes from the man himself. All you have to do is read the following words in the inner faux-Arnie voice that we all have somewhere in our brains.

3. On who would win in a fight between all of his characters

I think they would all join forces right away because this is the kind of characters they are. Most of the characters I play are within law enforcement, whether as a CIA agent, an FBI agent, a sheriff, police officer, police chief, fire marshall or a spy – a secret agent like in True Lies. They’re all pretty much the same characters with the authority to bring law and order and fight the bad guys.

Where it is different is when you look at the Terminator movies. There I am a machine and I can be on the wrong side.
2. Confirming all our fears about what’s coming soon

There are three projects that are being written right now that involve me. One is Terminator 5, one is a Conan movie and then there is the sequel to Twins, which will be called 'Triplets'. This time there are three of us and we’re all quite different as the third one will be Eddie Murphy, so you work that one out!
1. On which memorable line is his favourite

I would say there is not one but probably several. Obviously the 'I’ll be back'… or in Commando the line 'I lied', or 'It’s not a toomah!', 'Get to da choppa!' or when I nailed a guy with a knife through the chest against a wall in Predator and said 'Stick around'.
And then, on a note not unlike a performing monkey saving his greatest act until the end, the junket was over. Here’s to attending the (*shudder*) Triplets press conference in the next year or so.

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