5 movie clips to keep you snug as a bug in a rug this Winterval


24th December 2011

Spielberg knows it, Kim Jong-il excelled at it: cinema has the power to manipulate hearts and minds - whipping up a whirlwind of thoughts and feelings, then dumping you in an aisle full of tears and popcorn. To that end we've assembled this gallery of clips, to help combat the winter blues by making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. D'awww.

Terminator 2

The Terminator films may be a chilling vision of a post-apocalyptic future, but most people forget in order to have a nuclear winter there has to be a nuclear summer first. See you at the beach!

Interesting statistic: humming 'Here Comes the Sun' whilst watching any scene from Sunshine instantly makes it 75% more cheery.
Van Helsing

A pertinent question, and one asked by many who have sat through Van Helsing from beginning to end: why is the soundtrack comprised almost entirely of gypsy-techno?

Scientists say this scene isn't possible because bones don't melt like that. What they really meant is it isn't possible because nerdlingers like them can barely lift their own arms, let alone an entire person. Spoilsports.
Independence Day

Now all I can think about are hot dogs. Have you got any?

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