5 plot ideas for the Tron Legacy sequel


17th January 2011

Rumours are abound that Disney are close to announcing a sequel to Tron Legacy, so here are five plot ideas just waiting to be chosen. Hollywood, you're welcome.

Yes, although not making as much money as Disney had clearly hoped, Tron Legacy was certainly no flop, and that instantly spells 'sequel' in movie land. They've done 'man trapped in computer' twice with this franchise now - what could a sequel possibly have in store? How about...

Flynn gets trapped inside a calculator

In experimenting with how far The Grid extends to other electronic appliances, Sam Flynn finds himself captured in a Casio calculator where he is interrogated by hostile entities known as Numbers. In trying to reason with them, however, he inadvertently re-starts an ancient epic war between Numbers and Words. Realising that the only way to escape is to bring peace to the Casio, Flynn ultimately convinces both factions that they can co-exist in the same space, turning the calculator's world completely upside down... to spell 'BOOBIES'.
Quorra gives Flynn a computer virus

With Quorra the Explorer discovering the real world, Sam Flynn acts as her guide and soon enough they feel a literal spark between them. After a heated interface, Flynn passionately uploads himself onto her, but, unaware of Quorra's promiscuous past in The Grid, Flynn contracts a sexually-transmitted computer virus that slowly starts to erase his memory. Now it's a race against time as Quorra desperately tries to find out how to reboot a human, while Flynn just curses himself for not wearing Trojan condoms.
Flynn is forced to play NEW computer games

Clu is back and he has finally realised that no one plays lightcycle arcade machines any more, so, when Flynn returns, he finds himself caught in the middle of various PS3 and Xbox games in turn. First he must get a record killstreak in Call Of Duty before scoring the winning goal in Fifa 11 and so forth. Things come to a head, however, as he ends up in the Tron Legacy game, playing himself, at which point the universe implodes.
Flynn gets trapped in the original Tron film

While playing a DVD of the original 1982 film Tron, Sam Flynn and the rest of the Legacy gang get sucked into the TV, forcing them to come face-to-face with their 80s predecessors. As Flynn tries to have a touching reunion with his young father, who already has enough on his plate, the rest of the characters just stand around laughing at how shoddy all the special effects look now... all except Clu, who just stays quiet and whistles nervously.
A computer gets trapped in Flynn

Clu enacts revenge on our young hero in the best way he knows how: by downloading himself onto an iPhone and programming Quorra to physically insert it into a horrified Flynn. In order to fight back, Sam limps back to The Grid, meaning that Clu is now trapped inside Flynn, trapped inside The Grid... at which point Leo DiCaprio bursts onto the scene and announces that Clu "needs to go deeper".

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