50 people more likely to play James Bond than Daniel Day-Lewis

Luke Whiston

25th September 2013

The Telegraph is making uncited claims reporting today that Daniel Day-Lewis is the "hot favourite" to take up the reins as James Bond once Daniel Craig hangs up his tuxedo - a headline based entirely on a comment by Solo author William Boyd. I mean... he's not. He's really, really not. To illustrate how certain I am, here are 50 people who will play James Bond before Daniel Day-Lewis ever does.

HRH The Prince of Wales

Britpop band Cast

Peter Elliott, the first Google image result for 'actor'

The 1995 Liverpool squad

Sting's Brazilian mate

The survivors of Flight 571, subject of the movie 'Alive'

The candle from Beauty and the Beast

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769 - 1821)

Mr Chips from TV's Catchphrase

The guy who got "Snake Charmer"

If I'm wrong I'll eat my left shoe.

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