6 things Jamie Foxx's Spider-Man villain Electro (sort of) looks like


17th April 2013

Modelling themselves on photographer Peter Parker, paparazzi snoopers managed to snag themselves some cool pictures of Jamie Foxx in make-up, if not in costume, as The Amazing Spider-Man 2's villain Electro. We can't help but think he looks a little familiar. A bit like...

A smurf who has drunk too much WKD Blue

An embarrassed cosplayer heading home from a slightly disappointing Avatar convention

Tobias Fünke out prowling for Hot Cops

Dr Manhattan mid-coitus

Mr Freeze's illegitimate love child, homeless after his cold-hearted father froze his child support

A Prometheus Engineer who has nipped to the shops for bog roll and doesn't want to be bothered

Now if you didn't understand the sophisticated humour that we used in the above feature, let me spell it out for you: we basically found some other folks from movies who are blue and amusingly compared them to Jamie Foxx's character, whether they physically resemble him or not. Read it again and you'll see it has hidden depths. Honest.

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