7 questions for the Arrested Development movie


26th February 2011

Five years after the final episode aired, the Arrested Development movie has been confirmed. Again. Yes, The O.C.'s most dysfunctional family are heading to cinemas for reals this time - just as soon as creator Mitch Hurwitz figures out how to condense the complex network of relationships and stealth jokes from 53 episodes into a mere 2 hours.

We're all huge AD fans here at Shiznit Towers, which is why renewed interest in the feature-length adaptation is met with slight apprehension. Can you name the last sitcom that survived a leap to the silver screen? Trepidation aside, a few extra hours with The Bluths is more than welcome and will hopefully clear up a few lingering questions, such as...

Will Tobias taste a leading man part?

Tobias FunkeDerided by George Senior, spurned by his wife, conned by Carl Weathers; if anybody ever deserved a break it's the hapless wannabee actor Tobias Funke. It's not like he hasn't been trying though - with a TV show, several small movie parts and even a stint in the Blue Man Group under his belt, isn't it about time we got to see the ever-joyous never-nude on a high?
Will crazy get a baby?

Kitty SanchezKitty - George Senior's very personal assistant - was the butt (and boobs) of many of the shows crudest jokes, but she eventually got her dues in the form of a refrigerated batch of prime Bluth sperm. Will we see a new addition to the family, and a return to Kitty's blackmailing ways in a bid for the power she always craved?
Will there be a new family lawyer?

Barry Zuckerkorn3 seasons, 3 family lawyers. By that logic it looks like The Bluths may be retaining the services of another poor soul to untangle their legal headaches. And it'll be a hard act to follow: Zuckerkorn, Jarvis, Loblaw - all memorable, if varying in their levels of expertise. Maybe a hunk of that new company money will afford someone, y'know, competent?
Will GOB and Eve Holt/Marta/Crindy reunite?

Steve Holt!In spite of his questionable morals, GOB has held down more relationships than anyone else in the Bluth clan. An early High School romance resulted in Steve Holt, who GOB at first tried to deny but then later accepted in typically dramatic style. With this new responsibility, will GOB put family before his own selfish needs and provide a mother figure for his jock son?
Will Oscar have to restart his blog?

Oscar BluthThe first rule of AD is: if you're not winning, then you're on the receiving end. Oscar Bluth knows this all too well, returning to the fold only to take the fall for his twin brother's crimes. The last we saw of the laid-back romantic was a case of mistaken identity as George Senior escaped arrest. Will the family let Oscar languish behind bars for a second time?
Will we finally see Michael's wife?

Tracey BluthIf there's one thing AD loves to do it's fill in the blanks, but when it comes to Tracey Bluth we're given more or less nothing. The closest we've come to seeing Michael's late wife is a panicked flashback to their wedding day - ruined by one of GOB's predictably disasterous illusions. Isn't it about time we got to meet the woman who gave birth to George Michael?
Will The Bluths ever see a chicken?

Hammering, winking, suggestive comments - The Bluths are rubbish at all of these things, as evidenced by subtle references dotted about the show. But one set of failed attempts stands out above all. Behold: a compilation of every lousy Bluth (and Tobias) attempt at a chicken impression...

The Arrested Development movie comes out in the future (*makes ghost noises*) and will probably feature many, many in-jokes that will be lost on anyone who hasn't seen the series. So do yourself a favour and watch one of the most corniest, reaching, and downright hilarious sitcoms ever made. C'mon!

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