8 other stupid EXTREME things that could be Point Break posters

Matt Looker

8th December 2015

Point Break: The Remake is coming and it's so EXTREME the only way to catch it in cinemas is to parachute in from a Harrier Jump Jet, abseil down the screen and then set yourself on fire while dry-humping a lion and eating a really, really hot curry. Any less than this and you just aren't EXTREME enough for whoever is Patrick Swayze in this one.

The promotional trail for Point Remake is just getting ridiculous now. With each new asset released, we are discovering new reasons to hate extreme sports enthusiasts. I don't care how long you spent biking around New Mexico, Simon from Accounts, it doesn't make you an "adrenaline junkie". It makes you a bore-off with a chapped ass.

Just look at the motivational posters released in this film's name so far:

I hate to tell you this, Marketing Bods, but asking your audience to "find their breaking point" actually contradicts your other slogan claiming that crime has "no limit". Please do semantics better in future.

Anyway, here are some other activities that should be Point Break posters, because nothing is too EXTREME for this film.
Skateboarding on a bus driving off a plane in mid-air

Shooting a gun at an avalanche

Mountain-biking in space

Tank Parkour

Piloting a helicopter with each hand

Using a ghost as a hang-glider

Fighting a bear using beehives as boxing gloves

Falling off a cliff to your death


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