Blogalongabond #22: Quantum Of Solace


22nd October 2012

In our penultimate Blogalongabond entry, we tackle Marc Forster's oft-misunderstood Quantum Of Solace the only way we know how: BY BLOWING STUFF UP WITH GUNZ GRRRRR (*flexes and pulls muscle at same time*)

Four years after it was released, Quantum Of Solace still proves to be divisive. Many continue to praise Daniel Craig's performance, but the hyperactive editing has left an indelible mark on an entry that was perhaps purposefully designed as a lower-key affair than its predecessor, Casino Royale. For all the shakiness and grittiness, the purpose of QoS is to demonstrate Bond's character rather than his abilities - which it does ably by forcing him to choose between revenge and duty. The result may have been a test of endurance for audiences, but the real test for Quantum of Solace will be looking back at the end of Craig's tenure to see how it fits in the grand scheme of things. I suspect it will fare rather better in three or four films time. Especially if they make my proposed prequel to You Only Live Twice, which is titled '#YOLO'.

But anyway... hey guys let's blow shit up! All you need to do in this month's game is move your mouse over the windows and walls on that weird eco hotel to make it all start exploding. If you reveal and then hit a gas valve it will blow up the whole room, just like in the film! As usual it's in Flash and needs a mouse. Also the graphics are powered by your imagination. Enjoy!

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